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Decks are such precious additions to a property. Your outdoor space is sure to become extra attractive sight with either a newly-built deck or an update to your old one. However, encountering issues like rotting, fading, and having loose ledger boards is also common in both. These issues and damages often lead to more serious problems if not resolved immediately, especially in areas like North Wildwood, Cape May County, and neighboring areas. Have the experts check your deck for any sign of these problems today!

Deck Repair and Restoration Service in All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ
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To Repair or To Restore

Technically, repairing means fixing the issues found in a particular spot in a deck. In All Pro Cape May Deck Builders, repairing is an easy task for someone with years of experience and the proper skills. We use appropriate tools and equipment to get the job done. Some of the common problems that decks have are the following:


Woods naturally turn gray and weak over time. It loses its luster, usually because of damage and debris but can also be revived using a good wood cleaner. At the same time, sealing the boards is necessary for the finished result to last.


Ledger boards become prone to rotting when there is a constant flow of water getting into the wood. Decay seems like a simple issue to handle. Yet, when this issue is not repaired immediately, your deck can be very dangerous to anyone who walks on it. Railings that become weak can cause injury if someone falls after leaning on them. This problem should be fixed immediately.

Loose Ledger Boards

One long horizontal board or plank supports the floor of your deck that is attached and connected directly to your home. When water constantly seeps into the ledger, this loose ledger board can lead to a collapse of the entire structure. A flashing that’s tucked up at the back of the siding can prevent this from happening.

Gaps in the Board

As your deck becomes older and weaker, you’ll notice the wood shrinks, causing some gaps to appear in between the woods. At this point, you’ll have to replace the planks to restore your deck’s structural integrity.

Wood vs. Composite

Wooden Deck All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

In planning to build a deck on your property, you’ll need to make yourself aware of the pros and cons of using wood or composite for your dream deck. Wood decks create that natural look that is very inviting for passersby. It may require less maintenance, but its lifespan is shorter than other materials. This means that if you want a longer-lasting deck material but is willing to perform regular maintenance, then wood is not what you need.

Composite Deck All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

Composite, on the contrary, contains the natural look of wood that can still add appeal to your deck. This material is low maintenance but remains durable and attractive over time. You can build the perfect image of the deck you’ve always wanted.

Excellent Deck Repair and Restoration Services

Services like deck repair and restoration are very important for homeowners to use, especially if they are after safety for their loved ones. A sturdy and stable deck ensures no one will slip and fall. Likewise, the key to keeping your deck in good shape is through proper deck repair.

Deck restoration requires changing and repainting or adding some parts like pergolas and shade structures. Professionals at All Pro Cape May Deck Builders can be your best partner in choosing the most suitable colors and shape for your deck. With our help, bringing back the life and excitement of your old deck can be made possible! Contact us now at 609-739-7296!