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Porches, along with decks, complete the ambiance of a comfortable outdoor space. With the right design and materials, homeowners can enjoy their staycation more. Porch design and installation turn out so much better when done by expert hands. Among the various styles and designs of porches out there, how do you choose which one is best for your property?

Deck builders, serving Cape May County and the rest of New Jersey, make sure to produce decks and porches that are not only stylish and affordable but also sturdy and stable. We’ll help you pick the right choice of porch design based on their descriptions below.

Popular Porch Designs

1. Front Porch

An outdoor space that is welcoming to passers-by while having a nice effect on your home. A front porch is an open space and can be embellished with some lovely lights, a rocking chair, a couch and a table, or other outdoor furniture that you prefer to share with visitors and friends. You can choose the shape and size of the roof as well as its ceiling and floor’s finish.

2. Pavilion

More suitable for a backyard that has a wide space. It is also characterized as a patio with roof or cover that may contain a fireplace, some cozy benches, lighting, ceiling fans, and more that makes this porch such a functional type.

3. Open Porch/Covered Porch

Expectedly, this porch is covered from the top but not on the sides. An open porch has a roof as protection from the rain and sun. Also, this can be detached from your home and be anywhere in your backyard. To make your outdoor experience complete, putting some electrical components like electric fans, TV, and refrigerator will be great.

4. Screened Porch

Screen-covered literally means there will be a screen covering the porch and a roof on top. Many homeowners choose this type for the added function of protecting them from the outdoor elements such as mosquitoes and rodents. You may also call this a 3-season porch for its functionality that extends from not only one season but three seasons particularly when a fireplace is built in it.

5. Multi-seasoned or Sunroom

A sunroom is an additional room constructed with framed walls and insulation. Likewise, an HVAC is included to ensure its usability throughout the year. Vinyl windows can also be attached to the walls of the screened porch to provide insulation if creating insulated walls cannot be possible.

High-Class Porch Building Services

All Pro Cape May Deck Builders is an established deck building contractor that provides safe and affordable services. We design decks and porches that suit our customer’s budget and style without compromising the safety of our work. Our experts value customer satisfaction and ensure more years of a wonderful outdoor experience.

If there are some repairs to be made for your decks or porches, we’re also willing to help. We have created a lot of decks and porches in the past. We’ve dealt with all kinds of issues. Whichever design you choose to have for your property, your project is in good hands with us. Call 609-739-7296 to speak with our professionals.