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Think of that empty space in front of your property. What if you plant some trees or added some outdoor furniture, wouldn’t it look nice? Whether it’s a patio, hardscape, porch, or deck that you are planning to build outside, you know you have experts from All Pro Cape May Deck Builders who can turn your dream into reality. We offer safe, long-lasting, and budget-friendly professional deck building services.

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Deck Hardscape Design Services in All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ


The outdoor structures we create are made from the best materials on the market. Our patios are a wonderful outdoor extension of your home. We’ll make it as stylish and functional as you want it to be. We have a wide variety of styles and designs that you can choose from. With our custom-built patios, too, you can choose to tailor the design based on your desired shape and size. We are experts in using paver, concrete, brick, and natural stone for our patio creations which you may want to use for your own space.


If you already have some stone structures in your backyard like tables and chairs, you must be familiar with what hardscape means, right? These are outdoor features that do not involve living things like plants. If you’re looking for a durable, stylish display when you are relaxing outdoors, our professional design team can help you. Together, we can choose the right design, color, and shape for any hardscape you want to create and pick high-quality materials. This way, we can guarantee that they will remain in good shape despite being exposed to nature’s elements. We can build water features, retaining walls, fireplaces, an outdoor kitchen, and more that will take your patio to the next level.

Materials for Building Patios and Hardscapes


This material is commonly used for building pathways, fireplaces, and retaining walls. Brick colors can be combined to create a very interesting look on your patio and hardscape as well.


Before stamped and stained concrete were created, most driveways and sidewalks used to be made with this material. Today, a lot of designs are now available for you choose from. We also do personalized designs to apply your own touch to this structure.


Pavers come in various shapes and sizes, unlike bricks. They are made of concrete or flagstone. To use pavers, you must lay them on sand and pea gravel which is best done by experts who have years of experience to ensure the safety and lasting results of the work. If done incorrectly, the pavers will settle over time, leaving you with an unlevel structure. In addition, the patterns you create with different shapes, sizes, and colors of pavers, will result in a visually appealing hardscape.

Cape May County’s First-Class Deck Builders

It’s always a great joy for professional deck builders to see homeowners enjoying the view and the vibes in their very own outdoor space with the patios, hardscapes, and other features constructed especially for them. Whenever you want, All Pro Cape May Deck Builders are here to start planning, designing, and constructing the perfect deck for your home and business.

When it’s done by the experts, you know that your deck, porch, patio, and hardscapes are all created with safe and fashionable materials. You can never go wrong with a deck and porch made of wood, depending on your location. As locals in Cape May County, our professionals are equipped with the knowledge of how to deal with the climate in this area. Give us a call at 609-739-7296. We’ll give you a free estimate and free consultation.