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Do you feel like there is something missing in your pool? Do you worry whenever your kids are walking and running around barefoot? The surface of the flooring around your pool can be slippery when wet, especially during a pool party. For that reason, you may be thinking about installing a precautionary feature to your poolside.

Adding a pool deck lessens your worry and increases the appeal of your property. It’s not just an accessory to your swimming pool but something that also needs proper care and use. Building a pool deck, however, can be costly and complicated and is best left to the professionals. Trust only All Pro Cape May Deck Builders in constructing that sturdy and safe pool deck for your home.

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Types of Pool Decks

Pool decks vary based on the material used and their style. Below are the three common pool decks in New Jersey that you can choose from. Rest assured that our professionals are all well versed in all of them.

Wood Decks

The most traditional yet also the most popular material used for building a deck is wood. While there are many types of wood, only a few are considered the best choice for pool decking; those woods are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated wood, which can be any type of wood. This material gives a natural look to your outdoor and very cost-effective. Redwood and cedar are certified insect and rot-resistant, which are a big plus, too!

Redwood requires some good maintenance through the application of sealant and reapplying it after some time. This type of wood also resists warping and can perfectly hold finishes applied to it, so it looks great for longer.
Cedar is the most commonly used for decking but is considered a soft wood also. It is highly resistant to rot and insects. A waterproofing sealer will help ensure a longer lifespan when using cedar for your pool deck.

Brushed Concrete

The most basic type of pool deck known today; brushed concrete has layers that are layered with mixed cement in the process. The main design of this type of pool deck depends on the quality of brush used for the finishing.


This type is the so-called “hand-seeded pea-gravel” or simply said, the pea-gravel. This type of deck has gray, black, white, and translucent pebbles, which usually come in the of 1/8 to 3/8 of an inch. If you want a different color or transparency, there are still other options to select from.


Enhanced protection from accidents like slip and falls can be achieved through the deck’s coating. Don’t forget to choose between these two types and inform your trusted deck contractor.

Lime Coat

Another innovative feature to add to your pool deck is the lime coat. It comes with a mixture of limestone and quartz that creates the illusion of a real, natural stone look. Lime coat brings that smoother look into the pool’s surroundings. When applied the right way, this coating can even provide protection from slip and falls while also being sturdy through the years. For barefoot family members and loved ones, lime coating offers a warmer touch better than gravel and concrete.

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Ensure the safety of your family and friends with the help of a properly coated and installed pool deck. All Pro Cape May Deck Builders make it our priority to build the most attractive and sturdy decks for our clients in North Wildwood, Cape May County Lower Township, and neighboring towns. Let us take your worries away by securing your family’s safety within the pool area.

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