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An impressively beautiful and sturdy deck is made out of a good plan produced by experts. Before you can go ahead and say “yes” to a deck installation project, it is necessary to go through the planning and designing of such outdoor features, including the construction of a porch, patio, pergola, deck restoration, and others.

Diamond Deck Builders has been in the business, serving New Jersey, for over a decade now, which has given us the skills and knowledge for the proper planning and designing of an outdoor extension. Before proceeding to the installation of a deck, we make sure that the design and the plan are all good.

Deck Design - All Pro Cape May Deck Builders
Deck Design and Installation - All Pro Cape May Deck Builders

Five Types of Deck Designs

Being experts in deck building services, we proudly present to you the five different designs of decks that you can choose from and let us handle for you. Without further ado, they are:

1. Wraparound Deck

An elevated version of an old-style porch. This type of deck allows homeowners to literally extend their living room outdoors where fresh air can pass through and provide a vivid view of nature outside.

2. Multi-Tier Deck

If you have a large property and you want an upgraded look for your outdoor space, adding a multi-tier deck would be best. This is perfect also for properties that have sloped or rocky landscaping. With this type of deck in your home, a great visual impact will be added to your entire property for its luxurious and elaborate style.

3. Attached Deck

This type of deck can be compared with a patio. Yet, they are different in terms of the material used to create them. Attached decks are made of wood or composite, which is considered the best material for deck construction. This is perfect for houses that have an L or U-shape.

4. Floating Deck

As the name suggests, a floating deck is not attached and can be placed in any part of your yard. This is usually positioned near the stairs or a pathway and is matched with good landscaping work by adding some bushes and other plants around.

5. Rooftop Deck

If you have a rooftop that’s flat and steady, adding a rooftop deck is fine. But, you’ll still need to have your property checked by engineers regarding the structural integrity of your home. This is to see if your deck will be safe and stable when construction is being done on top.

Whichever deck you choose, what matters at the end of the day is your chosen deck building contractor’s ability to make things work properly.

Professional Deck Installation Service You Can Trust

If you are living within North Wildwood and Cape May County, New Jersey area, we can help you in creating your dream deck. We will walk you through the process and guarantee your family’s safety using the deck we built. Our experts can guide you in selecting the right materials to use for your deck, which can be a cedar, exotic hardwood, or pressure-treated wood.

Every material used in deck building has its own respective good and bad characteristics that can make or break your chance at a safe and long-lasting deck. Let the experts at Diamond Deck Builders help you. We can perform installation, repair, and restoration for you anytime

Our team of professional deck designers is always ready to get this project done right just for you. Contact us at 609-862-8252 for a free quote and free consultation.