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When you live in North Wildwood, Cape May County, New Jersey and neighboring towns, you know you have a trustworthy team to turn to for assistance in designing and building an outdoor extension of your home. All Pro Cape May Deck Builders is well-known not only for the decks and other outdoor features we build but also for our hard work and excellent customer service. Your dream deck is exactly what we will build for you. Aside from deck construction, we also provide porch design and installation, patio and hardscapes, pergolas and shade structures, and other deck builders services. Get a free quote today!

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Deck Builders Services Include:

Deck and Porch

Deck Installation All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

Are you hoping to make your front yard look more attractive and functional? Constructing either a deck or a porch, or both, can be a great choice! These two wonderful features make an empty yard look extra stunning while also making room for relaxation and fun. Building a deck requires years of experience to ensure that everything is in the proper place. It should be safe to use for any occasion.

Porch Installation All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

A porch is also a perfect spot for drinking tea or coffee in the morning. All Pro Cape May Deck Builders will assist you in choosing the appropriate materials and design for your location. We also create custom designs for both decks and porches to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction in every project that we do.

Our experts are trained to use natural wood and composite in building decks and porches. We give you complete freedom to pick the one you prefer. However, to help you make an informed decision, here are the descriptions of these materials:

Natural Wood Cedar Wood All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

Natural wood provides a classic look. It creates a timeless look despite the exposure to sunlight and rain. For your safety, we use only high-quality fasteners and wood like cedar and redwood.

Composite Decking All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

Composite requires less maintenance than natural wood, which needs annual maintenance through cleaning, staining, and sealing. Composites like vinyl or PVC do not react easily to stains and can keep their color even after a few years

These additional features to decks and porches can also bring life and beauty to your outdoor space. When done properly, a patio and a hardscape can be another attraction to your property. It is usually a piece of land that serves as an alternative venue for family dinners, gatherings, and other meaningful celebrations. We’ll ensure the floors of your patio are carefully painted with matching colors and design. Professionals at All Pro Cape May Deck Builders will plan the most fitting design of hardscape to complete the luxurious look of your home.

Patio Design All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ
Deck Restoration and Repair All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

Bringing back the glory of an old deck is easy for us here at All Pro Cape May Deck Builders. We understand how important it is for families to keep the memories intact as well as maintain their investment. It is our pleasure to assist homeowners in restoring their decks which comes with an overall checkup of the area for any hidden issues or damages. We have a team of capable deck builders to provide you with a detailed description of your deck’s current condition. Our tools and equipment are consistently updated to guarantee the efficiency and safety of our services.

Complete your deck and porch with a nice shade structure and pergola. Staycations can be more fun and exciting when you have these features in your yard. They allow you to stay outdoors without worrying about whether it will rain or shine. Our shade structures will keep you covered the whole time you’re relaxing outdoors. There are a variety of materials and styles to choose from, but there is that one that will surely fit in the available space in your property.

Shade Structures All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ
Pool Deck Design All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ

Everyone’s safety is always a top priority. When you have an above ground pool, it is best to have a pool deck installed around it, too. All Pro Cape May Deck Builders do more than just build your pool deck. We also select the safest material, such as a composite that requires less maintenance than others. Pool decks created by our professionals are high-class and longer lasting.