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Complete your properety’s outdoor space with shade structures or a pergola. Having a deck or porch without a good covering for your head is no use, especially during summer and winter in the North Wildwoood, Cape May, and nearby areas. Discover the most effective ways to keep covered while relaxing outdoors with these shade structures and pergolas.

New Shade Structure Installation

Expert deck builders from All Pro Cape May Deck Builders are ready to partner with you and start planning the design of your very own shade structure. There’s a wide variety of styles and types to choose from. With our help, we can get you a long-lasting shield from the elements at a price you can afford. We are well-trained in constructing any type of shade with the best materials on the market while staying within the budget.

Shade Structure Installation - All Pro Cape May Deck Builders NJ
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Shade Repair

It breaks our heart to see shades and pergolas being left uncared for. We understand that proper maintenance can be stressful, especially for beginners. All Pro Cape May Deck Builders exist today because of homes and businesses that need help with outdoor enhancements. Try our top deck building services to see how it will turn out for you. We’ll bring your shade back into its desired shape and appearance with just a few changes and repairs.

Types of Pergolas

Shade Sails

Compared to the built-in pergolas that we know, shade sails are removable. It is made of High-Density Polyethylene or HDPE, which is a synthetic fabric perfect to be used for durable shades. Shade sails are not plastic, though they look like it, and instead, they are made of woven weaves. As a result, 95% of the UV radiation from the sun is blocked, keeping you safe and warm. Hooks and timbers, posts and steel are used to support the fabric that acts as the cover.

Canvas Shade

This shade makes another adjustable and temporary shade for those who like to have an easier way of pulling a cover on top of their heads when it’s raining or when the sun’s heat becomes unbearably hot. This shade is placed with hooks and posts on four corners which can be retracted using the pulley and provide shade for as big as needed. If not needed, you can just pull it back and have the clear sky in your view.

Temporary Canopy

This type of pergola is most suitable for special occasions when you need a new look for your deck or porch. It’s a simple temporary man-made canopy that has four posts and is used for only a short period of time. Most homeowners who pick this type of pergola use pop-up canopies that can be folded and stored away.

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There’s nowhere to go for high-class deck building services but All Pro Cape May Deck Builders. We serve all homeowners and business owners in the area who desires to create a lovely outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. It is our pleasure to build you the most durable and stunning deck you can imagine!

When you hire us, your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed. From the planning and designing to the choice of materials and actual construction of any outdoor feature, we’ll be there to assist you! Let’s not wait until the next generation takes over your precious property. Make it the best resting venue for your family and friends today. Call us at 609-739-7296 so we can schedule your property for a site visit by our expert deck builders.